Body Oil FAQ

When is the best time to use the B|Africa Body Oils?
Use oils at night preferably, after a hot shower or bath. This is when the skin pores are open and product will be absorb better.

Should the oil be used on its own, or can it be combined with other B|Africa products?
The B|Africa oils have a lightweight consistency; they can be used alone or as a “serum”, followed by Body Balms or Lotions.

Will the moisturising rose quarts oil help with eczema?
Yes - it is fantastic for very dry skin and contains lavender essential oil which has great healing properties.

How many times a week should the detox oil be used, and is it an effective detoxifier?
The detox oil can be used at least 3 times per week. It will achieve the most effective results when applied in the morning, increasing circulation and boosting detoxification.

What is the main benefit of each oil?
Muscle Relax Amethyst Body Oil: Helps relax muscles
Moisturising Rose Quartz Body Oil: Deep moisturisation
Detoxifying Rock Quartz Body Oil: Eliminates toxins

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