Body Balm FAQ

How do I know how much balm to use?
Only a small amount of B|Africa Balm is needed for application. As soon as the balm comes into contact with the skin, natural body heat turns it into a luxurious oil consistency which spreads quickly and easily across the skin.

Where should I store my balm to prevent it from becoming rancid?
Store in a cool, dry area. If it is too hot, the balm might become runny.

If my balm changes colour, does it mean that it has expired?
The Body Balm contains essential oils which are very susceptible to environmental factors if not stored correctly. It also depends on when batching of the essential oils happened.

What is the main ingredient of the body balms?
Shea Butter

Which body balm has an uplifting effect?
The Lemon Grass and Lime Body Balm

Which is the best body balm to be used as a hand cream?
The Chamomile and Fynbos Balm has the most moisturising effect for dry hands as it contains cedarwood essential oil.

Which is the best body balm to use while on a detox programme?
Used in the morning, the stimulating Eucalyptus and Black Pepper Balm helps with poor circulation.

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