B|Africa Instant Revitalise Gel FAQ

The B|Africa Instant Revitalise Gel can be applied as many times as needed. Use the gel on areas of concern only.

A small amount of gel can be applied on the temples and the sinus area when suffering from a headache - avoid eye contact at all times.

Its two main ingredients, Menthol and Camphor, which soothe and help with muscle tension. 

Not at all, both gels offer similar benefits and results. The reason that the B|Africa Instant Revitalise Gel is more affordable is that it is a South African product.

Not at all - in fact we recommend to use it every morning to help prevent the build-up of toxins in the muscles, which is what causes pain. 

Definitely! Use after any type of exercise, following a hot shower and some stretches - it has a cooling menthol effect on the muscles and will prevent the ligaments from tightening.